Tired of wasting time/money on social media that is driving zero leads to your business?

We help good-for-the-world companies GROW, by making social media EASY (and actually work!)

Without all the stress/burnout. And in a way that is sustainable for you & your budget long-term.


Discover how to make social media work for you, without compromising your budget or sanity. 

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✔ Stop putting out all-over-the-place content (it makes you look all-over-the-place)

✔ Start beating the algorithm (you need to reach more people if you want to help more people)

✔ Drive more word of mouth + demand for your products and services

How Much is Your Struggle with Social Media Costing You?

✔     You’re seeing no new leads/sales calls booked or ROI

✔     It’s become a total time/energy suck (& you don’t have the time!)

✔     Your reach & engagement are lower than ever

✔     Nobody clicks on your links

✔     You don’t look visually cohesive or like an aspirational brand 

✔     You have no clue how to turn your followers into paying customers

✔     You struggle to stand out in such a crowded space

✔     You never know what’s trending until it’s over

✔     What content calendar? You’re always playing catch up


Social media is it’s own WORLD and most businesses lack the specific expertise (and time) to do it right.

We’re a team of social media experts that will build you a strategy/plan to attract your dream clients, convert them into paying customers, and put this process on autopilot so you can stop wasting your resources and start driving results.

Social media doesn’t have to be so overwhelming & frustrating! 

There is a secret to making it a whole lot more effortless…

Let us show you how to stop spinning your wheels on social media & start driving real results for your business.


Custom Strategy, Execution Plan & Personalized Coaching/Consulting

You're at the point in your business where you’re ready to take it to the next level, but you know you can't scale it alone. You no longer have the time to try to keep up with social media. If you have a team, VA, or social media doer, you may feel like they have been great at getting you this far, but they aren’t going to get you to where you really want to be. You know it’s time to get a proven plan in place so you can stop throwing spaghetti at the wall and finally build real thought leadership, grow your followers, get the book deal, and stop playing so small. 



6-Weeks to Mastering Social Media Success for the Solopreneur

Don’t have time to be wasting on social media but also don’t have the cash to hire someone to do it for you yet? This easy-to-follow program breaks down exactly what we do for our done-for-you + full-service clients so you can learn how to clarify your message, create content with ease, attract your ideal clients PLUS build your step-by-step workflow so you can put that plan on autopilot and never NOT know what to do, ever again!


We’ve Spent 17+ Years Helping Businesses Like Yours Stand Out on Social.

Some of the incredible brands we’ve worked with at Sneakers+Kale:

More reach. More revenue. More impact.

Our work drives results.


1 in 5 Reels we create gets 11K+ views

1 in every 8 Reels gets over 20,000 views!

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Driving the most traffic to the website (second only to paid advertising channels!)

800K Followers to 1.8M 

1M+ new follower growth in less than 2 years

722K+ Video Views

On #1 Instagram Reel (55x the client's following size!)

+200% More Engagement

In the first 8 weeks working together

16x Average Post Shares

Per month (aka free word of mouth!) in just 6 weeks

6.5% Engagement Rate

Per post vs. a 1-2% industry-standard

50K+ Organic Impressions

In the first 4 weeks alone, after launching a brand new brand from scratch

Ready for results like these?


What our clients are saying about us…


“Dawn Ferguson is AMAZING. I have always struggled with social media, but never knew where to start or how to get there. Dawn figured all that out for me and more! 

It’s truly amazing what she was able to create for me through this program. What Dawn has done for my business is going to take it the next level and I’m so excited to see what the future holds.

Anyone who works with her will not regret it! Thank you, Dawn!”


- Stevie Trujilio, postpartum doula + pediatric sleep consultant + founder/CEO of Stevie Rose Doula 


This has been an absolute GAME CHANGER!! I’ve been doing social media for 6 years, invested in trainings and no one has ever given me such a CLEAR process. 

She’s helped me clarify my brand (using my own words) in a way I could never have done on my own! Her process simplifies social media so much. I now know exactly what to focus on, what messages my audience needs to hear over and over (in different ways of course), and in a way that won’t take over my life. 

If you’ve ever felt like you’re throwing spaghetti at a wall with social media or simply feel like you’re spinning your wheels, you need to work with Dawn!”


 - Melanie Donohue,  Business coach + founder/CEO of Dr. & Mrs. D


“I am one of the lucky businesses that have participated in Dawn's program, and wow - I have been blown away.

The strategy that she put together for us is just what we needed to make a big splash on social with less time and hassle.

If you are contemplating working with her, I would jump on it! Her guidance is worth every penny and more!”


- Kelly Murray, pediatric/adult sleep consultant + functional health practitioner (founder/CEO of Kelly Murray Sleep Consulting)